Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my order yet. Where is it?

Depending on current volume of orders, processing can take up to four weeks in some cases. With so many color and size options, including custom orders, processing may be delayed. There are a few popular decals that we try to keep a stock of but it is impossible for us to keep all decals in all colors and all sizes stocked at all times. If you check the status of your order and it is 'processing', your order is still being created. Please do not contact us unless more than four weeks has elapsed. If you check the status of your order and it is 'shipped' and you still have not received it, please email us with your order number and any other information you feel may be pertinent to locating your shipment.

Why are all the designs in black and white?

All the designs are in black and white to show the customers what will be cut from vinyl. Most designs on the site are single layer/single color designs similar to a silhouette. The black element of the design shown is the part that will be cut in the vinyl color of your choosing.

What does the size selection refer to? Height or Width?

Size refers to WIDTH for all decals unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the item description. For exact Height X Width measurements of an item, please contact us with the exact name of the item and the sizes you are interested in.

Can you do multiple colors?

Yes. We actually stack vinyl colors. So there would be a base color and the secondary and/or third color would be cut separately and then adhered to the base color for a long lasting, never fading decal. We do NOT print in order to maintain the quality of our product.

How do I order a multi-colored decal? Does it cost extra?

To request a multi-colored decal, simply contact us to place a special order. Multi-colored decals will be more costly since more material is used and it will take more time to manufacture a custom decal. Contact Us

Iím trying to match the decal to a paint scheme. Are any other colors available?

Yes. There are a multitude of colors available in different shades. The colors shown on the website are the most popular colors so they are the ones we stock. If you are looking for a different shade of a particular color, please contact us. There will be a surcharge (to be determined at time of order) for ordering a special color and may not be cost effective when ordering a single decal. We sometimes do have other vinyl colors available from other projects and if we have a shade you are looking for, there will be no surcharge. Just send in a request and find out if we have your color. Contact Us

Do you have reflective or specialty vinyl?

Yes. We stock reflective black and reflective white/silver (reflective white and silver are one in the same). We also have access to a multitude of colors and finishes including chrome, gold, copper, faux carbon fiber, glow in the dark, florescent, tinted, perforated, metallic, chameleon, frosted, and machine finished effect vinyl.

How do I order reflective or specialty vinyl? Does it cost extra?

To request a reflective or specialty vinyl decal, simply contact us to place a special order. Reflective and specialty vinyl is more expensive to purchase and is harder to work with. If we happen to have the color in stock, the additional cost will be determined according to order. If the specialty vinyl is not in stock and has to be ordered, there will be an additional surcharge to be determined according to order.

I canít find international shipping. How do I order to a country other than the US?

Simply proceed with your order and select the available shipping option. Until the website is updated to reflect overseas shipping fees, we will honor the flat rate shipping charge for shipping to your country as long as it is at a reasonable cost. If the shipping cost turns out to be extreme, we will contact you, verify that you agree to pay the difference, send a paypal money request, and ship the order once the difference is paid. We have shipped to Canada, Australia, France, UK, Russia, Brazil and other foreign countries and have not yet encountered any additional shipping to exceed $1US. Please also write your address as it should be formatted in your local country in the 'Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order' section during checkout. This will prevent shipping delays due to address verification.

You donít have what Iím looking for. What should I do?

If youíve searched the website and canít locate a certain design, please contact us. We are constantly looking for new images to add to the site. Contact Us

I want to pay with my credit card but your site isn't giving me any options but Paypal. Why?

We use paypal as our merchant services. The website will redirect to paypal once the customer is ready to pay for the order. You are NOT required to have a paypal account. You can fill in your payment information without having to set up a separate paypal account. Instead of having our own payments page, we prefer the online security (HTTPS) of paypal in order to better protect our customers' private financial information. When redirected to the paypal page, click on "DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT" and you will be prompted to enter your payment info.